Running an established law firm focuses on nurturing, building, and maintaining excellent relationships with every caller. It goes beyond guiding your clients through the process, irrespective of whether seeking a protective order or a restraining order has been unreasonably or falsely filed against them. The law firm prioritizes clients and takes steps like seamless communication to make existing and potential clients feel important. To streamline this matter, consider hiring a call answering service tailored to your business needs without incurring hiring costs and take advantage of other benefits discussed below.

You Can Benefit from Call Patching

While there are numerous options for handling your clients’ calls, call patching can save you money and improve your customer care. The services solve the following problems.

Unlike an automated system that employs menu options and recordings to transfer client calls, live receptionists carry out call patching service. Callers get frustrated when passed from one department to another just attempting to talk with the right attorney. Instead of enquiring about what extension or whom your caller is searching for, the answering agent will obtain information about the caller’s wishes. When the live receptionist asks the appropriate questions, they acquire specific details that permit them to transfer your caller to the correct department.

Moreover, the agent screens all your restraining order law firm’s calls, recording the caller’s details before determining if they should transfer the call. Your live agent can take the message if the preferred person is unavailable.

Second, when your legal team receives calls, it is a distraction that interrupts workflow. Call patching allows your attorneys to dedicate quality attention and time to seeking restraining orders and fighting against unreasonably filed protective orders, increasing efficiency and productivity and protecting your clients’ rights.

Call patching makes your restraining order law firm incredibly reachable. Instead of your callers dreading continuous recordings and menu options, they will be sure to receive excellent customer service whenever they contact your firm. This service builds relationships, improves client retention, and prompts individuals to recommend your company to their loved ones and on the internet.

Maximizing Your Returns on Investment

You have invested funds and time into establishing your law firm. From the set-up costs to marketing the legal services to business planning, it is essential to see the return on investment on the efforts. Working with a call answering service is an effective solution that streamlines your calls and client interactions. Here is how an all-round-the-clock answering service can increase ROI:

Offer Human Interactions

Empathy is an essential aspect of offering stellar customer service. When a client calls you, they expect you to value them. They want a person who can listen to them attentively and appreciate the essence of seeking a protective order or justice after a restraining order has been unreasonably imposed.

Bad experiences drive clients away faster than you think. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) report, even if people have previously purchased a company’s services, 59% will walk away after many bad experiences and 17% after one bad experience.

Your answering service can show phone etiquette by:

  • Showing interest in your caller by making an effort to recall their name or repeating their request back to them.
  • Beginning with greetings, introducing your restraining order law firm, and then asking the client how they can be helped.
  • Using an inviting, formal, confident, and respectful tone.
  • Using a good speech pace.
  • Speaking clearly and confidently on the phone.
  • Ending the call with a positive impression of the ability to maintain a friendly and optimistic conversation.
  • Avoiding slang words.

Reduces the Cost of Hiring In-House Receptionists reports that the annual median salary for a receptionist in the U.S. in 2023 is between $37,766 and $42,760 before benefits, taxes, insurance, vacation, and overhead costs. Please note that this does not include the costs of setting up the office, recruiting, shortlisting, employing, and training the new receptionist.

Businesses should also accept the risk of worker absenteeism, which is common in the client service industry.

Since law firms receive a vast call volume and callers can call anytime, you should hire many full-time receptionists to cover all shifts, which could be expensive. In the modern labor markets with news about wage increases and inflation, a call agent saves you money while offering reliable legal and customer services.

Most answering service providers use usage-based pricing. You only pay for the services you use. Assuming your answering service charges a dollar per minute to answer calls. Therefore, a monthly plan to handle 300 calls will cost $300.

Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency

As an experienced restraining order lawyer, you have much to do, and handling calls should not be your daily task. With the increase in robocalls and spam, you can spend much time receiving calls of little or no importance or value to your company. Your virtual receptionist is qualified to handle these calls effectively, so they do not cut into your operator's time.

Monitor Your Marketing Phone Calls

When you invest funds to launch social media or Google campaigns, you should ensure the law firm can handle the increased call volume. Your answering service will ensure no call goes unanswered, seizing every opportunity for lead conversion and potential business growth.

Maximize Your Ad and Pay Per Cost Spend

Your call answering agency can give you several phone numbers, allowing you to track the efficacy and success of the advertising efforts. Most agents offer online dashboards and mobile applications where the business owner can assess and generate call analytics and reports to harness their marketing campaigns better.

Helps in Client Retention

A study conducted by Investpro in 2020 reported that the possibility of closing business with your existing clients is 60% to 70%. On the other hand, the likelihood of selling your services to prospects is between 5% and 20%.

The importance of customer service is associated with improved customer worth and overall revenue since most business revenue originates from repeat clients. That means customer service strategies and retention tactics should be your priority. However, you should still consider acquiring new clients, depending on your law firm’s growth stage.

Additionally, if content with your legal services, these existing clients can recommend you to their loved ones or write a positive review that convinces others to consult with you.

An answering service can help you retain your clients by:

Ensuring No Call Goes Unanswered

A missed call means a missed opportunity. While it is that easy, it is one thing many small and growing law firms overlook while paying attention to other essential facets of the company. It is understandable, especially when the business owner and their legal team often multitask, and handling calls is not assigned to a specific person. 

Meetings with clients, representing a case in court, lunch breaks, holidays, or staff absenteeism are reasons your phone calls can go unanswered. While automated machines might be better than phones constantly ringing, they do not substitute human voices. Most people hate voicemails; even your existing client may think of calling your competition if they cannot find you. A call answering service will receive and transfer all calls to the relevant department or attorney.

The Answering Service Will Email Your Existing Customer About Promotions and Special Offers

Email marketing is a great way to maintain contact with clients and notify them of special offers for prospective clients, promotions, discounts, and deals. Clients with subscriptions can see the updates.

Engage Your Target Audience on Various Social Media Platforms

Nothing is worse than your law firm’s social media platforms making no attempts to engage those following them. Your followers are already interested in legal services. Therefore, you should publish relevant restraining order-related content on the platforms and reach out to individuals expressing interest in the posts.

Request Feedback 

One mistake companies make in client retention strategies is failing to improve. Your answering service will not assume you know it all. Instead, the agents will take a client-based approach and ask your existing clients how you can improve your services. Loyal clients will be glad to help you become better.

Your Answering Service Can Target Previously Untapped Markets by Offering Bilingual Services

As the Spanish-speaking population in the U.S. continues growing, you need a bilingual call answering service to serve the large customer base and stay competitive.

Depending on the input, a skilled bilingual phone answering service provider will develop two customized scripts for the callers. One will be in English and the other in Spanish, allowing the receptionist to use what the client prefers. Next, the agency will collaborate with you to know how you want your messages conveyed. It will boost your trustworthiness with Spanish-speaking clients and show them you are dedicated to helping them.

Even in a community where people are bilingual, allowing a person to talk in their native language undoubtedly boosts their loyalty to your law firm. The caller can also communicate their legal needs and goals without communication barriers, improving how you deliver your services.

Your answering service will assist you with the following:

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Collecting information from potential clients.
  • Answering questions.
  • Receiving calls.

Offers After-Hours Services

Attorneys work many hours conducting research, preparing and submitting evidence, and tirelessly representing their clients in courtrooms and conference rooms. After a long day, the lawyer will be eager to recuperate, relax, and rest. Life/work balance is essential, making offering 24/7 client support challenging. With a phone answering service, you do not have to choose between your client’s best interests and your time off.

Your legal office will never be “closed.” Thanks to your after-hours law firm answering service. Although your client might be unable to speak to a specific attorney, they will rest assured that somebody has heard them and will deliver their message.

Typically, clients call at any time, looking for an attorney with whom they can resonate. Most want to speak with a person about the available legal options. While a call answered by your call agent might not be as detailed as the client’s initial consultation, a chat could answer their questions or address their concern. It allows you to dedicate time for more comprehensive conversations via phone or in the office by booking an appointment.

The Answering Service Can Schedule Your Appointments

Appointment scheduling is the heart of your law firm's everyday operations. Without scheduling appointments effectively, your efforts will amount to nothing. You need clients to seek your legal services, and scheduling appointments is where it starts.

Retain a call-answering service provider to simplify and streamline the appointment-setting process. With a web-based calendar, your virtual assistants will update you on upcoming appointments. It saves time while offering your clients exceptional services, creating a win-win scenario.

Any seasoned call agent offers services beyond inputting phone calls into the system. Using state-of-the-art technology, the agent knows when to remind you of appointments. If a client reschedules or cancels, the service can notify you via phone, fax, email, or SMS.

The agent will also send an appointment reminder to your client.

Your Law Firm Answering Service is Crucial to Your Customer Relationship Management

A restraining order law firm with good CRM will have satisfied clients. When prospects want to learn more about your business, their initial impression will probably be from dissatisfied clients. It affects your marketing efforts irrespective of how many people your business reaches if none seeks your services. CRM brings new clients and is also essential for client retention.

CRM software with a live call agent to collect information allows your business to understand your client’s needs and goals. The system creates a robust client avatar that customizes every client’s experience.

It also automates special offers and promotions. A law firm that integrates live answering service and CRM gives loyal clients an exclusive feeling by sending them announcements first.

Find a Reliable Law Firm Answering Service Provider Near Me

With all marketing campaigns you run, the subsequent influx of phone calls can overwhelm your legal team and hinder you from seeking restraining orders or fighting for people who have protective court orders unreasonably filed against them. If the calls go unanswered, you risk losing your lead to your competitors. When you have a legal phone answering agent, you can take full advantage of the lead capture and increase the conversion rate. It also helps you optimize your clients’ experience, resulting in the company’s growth, more revenue, and better reputation.